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Our Mission is to help families and people improve their health and well-being by offering them personalized services and opportunities. We respect their rights, choices, and diversity, and we support them to achieve their goals..

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                            and Trusted Community and Health Services

Over 40 years of

SYMBRAL FOUNDATION FOR COMMUNITY SERVICES INC. was established in 1983, as a 501(C) 3 Non-profit Organization in Washington DC to provide Community Inclusive Residential Services to people who were previously institutionalized at Forest Haven.

A lawsuit filed by families of patients at Forest Haven 1976 and joined by the Department of Justice in 1978 resulted in the relocation from the institution into community residential homes.


Under the auspices of the DC Department of Disability Service, the people Symbral supports resides in houses licensed as ICF/ ID – DD; apartments or homes certified as Supported Living, Supported Living Periodic and Residential Habilitation homes in Washington, DC Metropolitan Area for persons with Developmental Disabilities.


Eligibility for services for is determined by the Department on Disability Services (DDS).


The goal is for the person to live in the less restrictive environment, with dignity and self-determination.


The homes are located in neighborhoods with access to the church, shopping, recreational and community activities and public transportation. Persons are encouraged to participate in tasks that will enable the acquisition of skills, and achieve the outcomes the person is working towards fulfilling in his or her life.


Our services are provided to person(s) and family member (s) by using paid and natural supports to enhance the quality of life in health, safety and enjoyment which include the following professionals and services: Psychologist, Social Worker, Case Management and Nutritional supports are provided. Nurses provide Health and Wellness support, medical appointment scheduling and follow-up. Case Manager and House Manager ensure the implementation of  Independent Living Skills Training, Community Based Mental Health and Psycho-Therapy, Self Advocacy Training, Community inclusion and participation activities.


Persons receiving services at Symbral are involved in establishing their home by participating in selecting available options as to where they would like to live, set-up of the home or their room, and participate in selecting his/ her direct support staff. It is available to adults who need residential and respite services. Symbral provides a warm, safe, home-style atmosphere seven (7 )days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is available to adults who need residential and respite services.

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