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  • SMALL DAY PROGRAM ( Limited to fifteen (15) participants)


(SL) consist of a broad range of services to adults with developmental disabilities who, through the Individual Support Plan (ISP) process, choose to live in homes they themselves own or lease in the community.  The services can be Daily or Periodic. The number of persons in a home ranges 1 – 3 person(s). SL may include:

  • Assistance with selecting and moving into a home;

  • Choosing personal attendants and housemates;

  • Acquiring household furnishings;

  • Common daily living activities and emergencies;

  • Becoming a participating member in community life; and,

  • Managing personal financial affairs, as well as other supports.

These services help persons exercise meaningful choice and control in their daily lives, including where and with whom to live. SL is designed to foster personalized' nurturing relationships, full membership in the community, and working toward his/her long-range personal goals.

Supported Living services are offered for as long and as often as needed, with the flexibility required to meet a persons' changing needs over time, and without regard solely to the level of disability. A supported living service agency works with the person to establish and maintain a safe, stable, and independent life in his or her own home. As the person acquires the skills some persons are able to implement task themselves, to secure attain the maximum level of personal independence.​

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ICF/DD (Developmentally Disabled)

An intermediate care facility for people with developmental disabilities is a residential home that provides 24-hour personal support by trained staff who delivers habilitation training, and developmental, and supportive health services.

A person who uses this service is provided with skilled nursing services, psychological, social work, Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies.


The community-based home is shared by at least four (4), but no more than six (6) persons.

Each person is encouraged to develop skills and improve self-care, daily living, adaptive function, community participation, self-advocacy, human rights, and safety.

provides various services and arrangements that help people with disabilities live independently in communities. Supported living can include an house or an apartment,  staff supports the person in managing finances, preparing meals, accessing health care, participating in social activities, and more. Supported living is based on the principles of choice, dignity, respect, and empowerment for people with disabilities.


Services are provided to people in the home or community, with the place of residence as the primary setting. In-home supports are services provided to people enrolled in the Waiver who have an assessed need for assistance with acquisition, retention or improvement in skills related to activities of daily living that are necessary to enable the person to reside successfully at home in their community and participate in community activities based upon what is important to and for the person as documented in his or her Individual Support Plan (ISP) and reflected in his or her Person-Centered Thinking and Discovery tools.



Adults are supported by professional staff and trained volunteers who support his/ her skill’s development, safety, health and physical needs including the administration of medications and special dietary needs.



Community, Social Events and recreational activities are arranged for choice, community participation and self-esteem development.



Persons are referred for residential placement by the District of Columbia, Department on Disability Services (DDS) through Residential Referral Unit.


Symbral provides Direct Support Professional and Supervisory staff to escort the person (s) as needed to various events on a one on one basis such as to medical appointments; also 1:1 or in a group to community activities, visits family and friends, sporting, social and civic events.

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